Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's been a while

I am working on a new book, yes I know it has been a while. And I haven't really been keeping everything up to date. Era is my new book. I won't be going into details. I've notice my writing, well some of my writing has been theived away. >_<>

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nahi Mana Hotah Tala

Nahi Mana Hotah Tala
(Mystic white wolf)
The pendant
Series: Awakening
Written by:


I shall start my tale from the beginning, where my troubles really began. Collecting food in the forest for my people, I traveled out of the village boundaries. Many foragers do this many times over, however I was alone and that was a bad idea. For you see my people are mystics, and have power to change into animals. Only once every hundred years shall a human see our true form. A human that is meant to see us, but a hundred years have passed and no such human came to us. I was sent to gather the food but I did not heed our leader’s words. I disobeyed him, and made a mockery of myself that night. After searching for this human for many hours, I found a gigantic Evergreen tree. I dozed off into slumber and did not awake for sometime. Only waking for an instant, I found myself surrounded in darkness. “Hello?” I said doubting anyone was even there. Then there was a sharp pain in the back of my neck. Then my eyes became heavy, and then sleep came once again. It has been many suns and moons that I had slept… I could swear that I hear the ocean outside… As I awake, to a new day, I saw the sunlight. I also saw that I was in a cage on a ship. This ship was damp and cold, and smelt of dead fish. The wood that held this ship was old and decaying.. It seemed as though they could not afford to fix this sailing wreck… I pondered on where we were headed. I kept thinking to myself eventually this would all be over. Eventually I will awake from this nightmare.. Then my worst fear came true my pendant was gone. The only thing that kept me in my human form, being in my wolf form made me vulnerable to these strangers. The ship stopped moving and the strangers came for me and lifted the cage. Soon I found myself being carried outside, it was dusk, and the sun was immensely bright. I had to close my eyes when the strangers carried me out here. I found myself with a sense of being watched. I started to pace back and forth in this cage. The Strangers could not hold the cage any longer, because I was walking repeatedly back and forth and they have lost their grip. I noticed the shadow in the distance, a shadow that was almost shaped like a wolf.
Chapter one

“Hello?” I called out with no response, I can now smell the other wolf and the smell of the male with this new smell. I must calm myself, I must regain my focus and try to figure out where I am. I must concentrate on my surroundings so I may learn of my new placement. I must try to reason with these strangers, but how will I talk to them if I am not in my human form. Nothing gained if nothing tried I always say, “Excuse me?” I said, while looking at the man to the right of me. He looked puzzled and almost scared of me, what was running through his mind, what was he thinking? “I won’t hurt you" I spoke softly and subtle like. He still looked puzzled, and I was beginning to think he did not understand me. I gave up on trying to talk to them, as I began to look around at my surroundings. I noticed the ground was very different from the ground I am used to. The ground was void of trees and grass it only had weird green plants. The men seem to call them cacti or cactus; the men seem to be able to get water from these plants. However, the ground I could not explain it, the color was brownish tan and grainy. I have heard stories about this land but I never imagined I would be here, to see it with my own eyes. It was now dark and the wolf I smelled before was getting closer, I began to wonder why the humans cannot sense this, I don’t understand did they lose touch with nature, can they not hear our spirits call to them. I still fear for my life I do not know if I can trust this wolf for he has not shown himself. I fear I will never get out of this place, and I will never see my village again. As my mind wanders off into the night sky looking at the stars for comfort, the wolves that were in the distance are now here and are surrounding the camp. The wolf I smelled was right next to my cage, he was looking right at me as a potential acquaintance. I noticed around his neck he had a pendant made of rare black jade, with a white diamond design in the middle. As I came to my senses, I saw a whole pack of wolves, attacking the strangers! I wondered are they attempting a rescue. The male wolf near me removed his pendant, and shockingly he became a human! What in the world is going on? How could this be, is he a wolf or is he a human? Is he a mystic like me, or is he those my tribe talks of in legends? Oh how I wanted to ask so many questions. How I wish I did not lose my pendant, how I wish I did not disobey our elder back home! Wait, he has a pendant! Would it work, would be my question. I start pouncing on the cage door, as a sign of LET ME OUT! He looked at me, and knelt down to let me out. I immediately go for the pendant and try to slip it around my neck. Only to fail miserably and have it taken away by him, then I begin to howl loudly and with great sadness. Would he understand my plight of not being able to talk or even to be in my human form! Curious as to why I was howling he put the pendant around his neck, and started talking to me. I could not understand him; his language was very different from mine. I tilted my head to one side and gave a puzzled look. I decided to try my luck at speaking with him, would he understand me though. “Hello? Can you understand me?” I asked.. He too tilted his head and gave me a puzzled look. Now what am I to do? I am stuck in this form, no one understands me! I started to sob and ran off away from them, away from anyone who tried to come near me. Although he followed, at a distance I could still sense him. Was he not aware of this? Was he there to guide me, protect me, or worse hurt me? I stopped in my tracks when I came to a river. This river was different from mine, it was long wide and had a funny smell to it…

Monday, November 26, 2007

Bad Delivery

Bad Delivery
By Lady D Aka Maria

My name is Gavin; I am an 18 yr old living at home with my mother and sister. I work two jobs and plan on working a third. Hey what can I say, I’m an original work-a-holic. Or could it be I just need to get away from this place. Eventually it’s time for every little bird to fly away from the nest. I know my mother is taking it a little too hard, but that’s moms for you. It’s Monday night and it’s a family night. Every Monday we sit in front of the TV to watch some kind of old horror movie. This night was a zombie movie, Night of the living dead, the original. Can’t say that I liked it, but that’s just me. This movie was making me sleepy so I retired early for the night. My room is nothing special; it has a bed and clothes on the floor, and playboy magazines under my bed basically a typical male’s bedroom, who is to complain? As I lay in my bed wondering how the interview will go tomorrow I begin to nod off. 8:00 a.m. on the dot and my alarm goes off, and alarm I mean my annoying sister standing in the doorway. Shouting her lungs out at me. With a cup of coffee in hand for herself teasing me with it, one of these days, I’ll snatch it away. With one eye open staring directly at her, wishing she’d shut the hell up. I could only wonder what posses’ her to wake me up every morning exactly at 8:00 a.m. I open my other eye slowly, and then begin my routine. Rubbing my eyes then stretching, sitting up in my bed I look around my room for some nice clothing to wear to my interview. Folded neatly aside on my computer desk chair is my grey suit. That my mother had washed the night before. I quickly get up take the suit and some clean socks, go into the bathroom and clean up. It’s now 9:00a.m. I don’t need to be there until 10:30a.m. Better to be early and make an impression I always say. I quickly put on some nice shoes. Italian leather loafers, as a gift from my dad, they’ve always brought me luck when it came to jobs. Quickly grabbing the keys out of the basket on the table near the door in the hallway, I get out the door half way when I hear the voice of my mom shrieking at me. I turn around and look at her, then at the garbage bag she pointed at. I walk backwards toward the kitchen and pick up the bag, I say goodbye and quickly head out the door. I put the garbage on the curb and turn toward the junk we call a car. A 1993 white four door Corsica, oh how I hated this car, I’m lucky it still drives with all the problems it has. As I get in the car, I see my sister heading this way; I quickly start the car and drive away. While laughing at her trying to keep up on her scrawny two legs, no way was I going to drive her any were today. As I arrive at Gili’s Pizza Palace, I realized that I was becoming a bit nervous. This is a new pizza shop in town, and I’ve already been turned down by the local pizza hut. What will make this place so different? Ok Gavin snap out of it, you haven’t even stepped inside or even talked to the hiring manager yet.

Remember that this is just a teaser, so not everything here is a complete chapter.

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